Castle Resort and Spa Restaurant, Ludlow VT

We’re staying and one of the rare Small Luxury Hotels of the world called the Castle Resort & Spa in Ludlow, VT.
Our experience with the hotel is not so great. A bit stuck up, fake and somewhat cold for the hotel staff. They say the place is a castle…but I used to live in Prague and Germany, so I know what a castle is like. This places compared to all the places I’ve been is what I call a nice big house with Victorian furniture.

Enough about the hotel…if you want to dine here…it’s a must! The people are awesome and so is the food. DInner was great…make sure you have Shawna as your waitress…she’s a surfer/marathoner, who went back to eating beef from a vegan lifestyle…ask her about it. She also loves Cold Play as well. There is also a piano player, which is great. Be aware he expects tips and solicits songs from you to get tips. My problem is that I’m not used to giving tips. Shame on me as my old boss was a pianist and he played at nice jazz club and bars in Raleigh. My only problem is that I want to show you videos of the food, but can’t as it was too dark, so I took pictures. However, I do have videos for the continental breakfast…Quiche and the Waffless were wll…you’ll see. 😉

PS) Dinners are pricey, so make sure that you look for the coupon in the newspapers on the right hand side of the entrance door.


Vegetable Soup

White Bean and Harvest Vegetable Soupt

Salmon With Dill Sauce

Salmon with Dill Sauce





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