Wm. Winand Chocolatiers – Woodstock, VT

We were up on a little weekend rest and relaxation in Ludlow, Vermont and Andrea and I stumbled across an fantastic Chocolate Shop: William Winand Chocolatiers. http://www.winandchocolates.com/.

Now…I’m going to let everyone know that I’m not the sugar expert…Andrea is. She lives off chocolate and anything sweet. Her thoughts of a good meal is dessert first, then the main course and then the appetizer. As a result, my views are a bit biased.

So what did we try? A Macaroon, which is…well you’ll see and a few select charming pieces of chocolate created by William Winand. William’s background is interesting…he used to work at SAS and before that sous chef in Paris and then switches to pastries and desserts. And now he’s back at it with his wife.

If any of the readers like what you see…give him a call…he’s looking for partner-investors for his chocolate enterprise. It will give Willie and Charlie Wonka a run for it’s money. 😉


Wm Winand Chocolatier Macaroons

Pictures of Chocolate Shop

Wm. Winand Chocolatier Shop Pictures 1

Wm. Winand Chocolatier Shop Pictures 2

Wm. Winand Chocolatier Shop Pictures 3

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