Au Gourmand – Prague & Mineral Water – Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic

We took a vacation earlier this year to my favorite city…Prague, Czech Republic. I will tell you that this is the most beautiful city in the world. I lived here for two years in 1998-1999, so I have the right to say that. 😉 if you get a chance to go and visit…GO! You won’t regret it! The videos that I’m posting are very candid…it’s was done in February 2008 before I started this Food Review Blog.

Au Gourmand French Bakery: It’s a French Bakery. It’s got a Cafe and tons of baked goods, including desserts. You can eat in or take out as well. Really good food…I had a Croque Monsieur, Chocolate Croissant, Tomato and Mozzarella Sandwich and a salad. It’s in the old-town section of Prague and really easy to get to from Old Town Square. Plus, I also reference a restaurant called Pizzeria Donna: It’s got the best Italian Food in the world! I know…I’ve been around the world. The Tagliatelle Verde Toscana and Gnocchi con Pollo e Porcini are the best dishes in the world.

Hot Springs Mineral Water in Karlovy Vary:
Karlovy Vary is known for it’s Hot Springs and Spas. It’s hidden at the end of a valley and it’s very close to Germany to be known as Carlsbad. Both Carlsbad and Karlovy Vary means Charles’ Bath, named after Charles the 4th as he and his hunting dog accidentally found this place. Now the Hot Springs and Spas are not like those at the Blue Lagoon in Iceland. Your supposed to drink the water because it has different healing properties for your digestive system. Watch the video to see Andrea’s perspective of this mineral water and of the cool way it’s served up!

Quick Tour of Charles Bridge
For my last video, I get to play tour guide…my favorite role. I’m going to give you all a quick tour of the Charles Bridge. The Bridge is one of the oldest in the world and it has figures of Saint’s lined up on each side of the bridge. The Charles Bridge or Karlov Most in Czech links old town to Malonstrana section of Prague. It’s always filled with tourist, street performers and gifts to be bought.

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  1. Seems like you are a true pro. Did ya study about the theme? lol

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