China Essence – Canforth, United Kingdom by The Dolinsky’s

So as I said in a previous video from England that the food stops
being served by 9:00PM, well not this place. China Essence was the
only place open in the entire town that was serving food at 11:00PM.

Immediately, we thought this was just a last minute hole in the wall
type place that was going to be terrible but it was actually quite
good. My brother (Steven) can speak for himself in the video, but I
thought this place had very great tasting food. To me, most of the
items on the menu were completely unique in the way that it was served
and very rich in taste.

The service was wonderful as well. The only problem that we had was
when we tried to pay! They didn’t accept American credit cards because
they don’t have a specific microprocessor chip inside of them, so be
prepared to spend some Pounds (not too expensive though compared to
other places, I would put it in the average category for price). I
myself had to run across the street, literally, to the ATM to take out
some money. Well watch the video and see what Steven thinks of his
Singapore Vermicelli…

~ by myfirstbitefoodreview on June 14, 2008.

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