Lockwood Restaurant in Palmer House Hilton, Chicago, IL

One of my favorite times to eat is at breakfast and there is nothing more satisfying that Eggs Benedict!  When I travel, I always try the Eggs Benedict.  And so far, the 2 favorite places I’ve found are:
Keating’s River Grill at the Hyatt Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia.  The Philadelphia Style Eggs Benedict is fantastic as their is crab meat instead of Canadian bacon.  It fuses really good with the Hollandaise.
Eggspactular in Toronto, Canada.  I apologize as I can’t find the URL and I’m not sure why.  However, the hollandaise is perfect and so are the side of hash browns that come with it!

Ok, so back on topic…I was in Chicago for the Internet Retailers Conference and wanted to start off the day really good.  That usually starts with my stomach being totally satisfied.  And so, I reviewed the menu the night before and found an Italian style Eggs Benedict, which is quite a surprise.  It doesn’t have the traditional Canadian bacon, but instead it has Italian Prosciutto.   If anyone knows Prosciutto, it’s a thin slice of “ham”, yet it melts in your mouth!  I was already tasting the Eggs Benedict 8 hours before I had it.  My overall judgment was great, but doesn’t beat The Keaton River Grill or Eggspetacular because the Hollandaise sauce was way too tangy for me.  The others ones were creamy and gloriously sweet, but not too sweet.  Meal was about $16, which is normal for Chicago, but expensive compared to others.  And one last tip…in downtown Chicago, every street has a different tax rate!  Crazy right?!  And I believe it starts around 11%.  Nonetheless, it’s one of my favorite cities.

Below is the picture and video.  I apologize for the lack of personality in the video as it was quite early in the morning!  😉  Next time, it won’t be so dry!  I want to be like the Dolinsky’s in the last few MFB (My First Bite) videos.

~ by myfirstbitefoodreview on June 15, 2008.

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