Wagamama – Cambridge, MA (Harvard Square) – Great for High-End Asian Fusion

I’m a big fan of Wagamama since I had it in London. I remember the dishes so well in London. Edamame was perfect, so were the gyoza’s and the chicken rice dish (i can’t remember the name) was so cravingly remembered. 😉 So how did the US version in Boston compare? I think it’s great for the high-end fast good eatery that’s geared towards the Americanized taste bud. However, for myself, it’s not as good as the UK version. Yet, doesn’t everything taste better over the pond and when you’re on vacation!? 😉 Would I go back? Yes I would! And for one dish and one dish only: The Chicken-Katsu Curry! It’s got a great fusion of moist rice, katsu style chicken and most importantly the creamy and not too strong sauce! I’m getting hungry and a craving for it as I’m writing this blog! And it’s only 8:47AM!

Check out the video below:

Check out the place after my last bite…trust me, the last bite was as good as the first. I was so tempted to order another one again.

chicken katsu curry, mylastbite, myfirstbite

Chili Chicken Ramen – Andrea didn’t like it…the noodles tasted off. She was so embarrassed that it tasted so bad that she didn’t want to showcase her last bite as her first bite. She eventually exchanged it for the almighty Chicken Katsu Curry.



~ by myfirstbitefoodreview on June 28, 2008.

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