Dear Fans!

Amongst a troubled vacation tour package from Bosotn to Montreal, Canada, both Andrea and I were able to find refuge for all the things that went wrong with an Uber Satisfied Meal at Auberge Du Tresor.  I don’t want to ramble…but those stories of the Fang Wah Bus are true!  We didn’t use Fung Wah, but used Sunshine Travel in Chinatown, in which is fine if you understand the Chinese cultural implications of a tour trip.  Other than that, stay away and use another busing trip.

So why was the meal so good?  For starters, I live anyone that can serve in a different accent.  😉  The restaurant decor was great, the waitstaff was really nice and believe it or not the Tourist Menu was well rounded.  You can do the Meat, which is what I do or you can go for the Seafood, which is what Andrea did.  The price was very moderate and it comes with a FRESH dessert, well the blueberries made it seem very FRESH.

Check out the pictures and the videos!

Dill Salmon Video

Steak with Mushroom Sauce Video


~ by myfirstbitefoodreview on September 27, 2008.

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