Teavana’s Earl Grey Creme – Amazingly Fantastic!

I walked into Teavana in the Natick Collection on a lunch date with my Fiance on Friday.  We were trying the free samples (I do this religiously).  And for whatever reason, I felt compelled to see if they had any Vanilla flavored tea.  I’m a big fan of Vanilla flavored products…vanilla ice-cream, vanilla yogurt and I remember this vanilla flavored red wine from Brasil that a friend recommended in Frankfurt..yes, Vanilla and fantastically awesome.  The sales person recommended the Earl Grey Creme.  She brought over this big tin, like a Popcorn tin that we all used to get for Christmas and opened it up to give me a “whiff” of this Earl Grey Creme.  At first smell, I was hooked.  I couldn’t believe what I was smelling.  In not wanting to show too much eagerness about this specific product, I asked for other flavors that I do not even care to remember.

After brewing daily cups of this tea…I would advice this word of caution:   If I was a Coffee drinker, I would be totally challenged of switching from beautiful aromatic coffee to this Earl Grey Creme Tea from Teavana.
It’s totally amazing!  If the Pope once thought Coffee was the creation of the devil and then evangelized it after having a cup….wait until he tries this Black Tea with a twist of Vanilla Creme.
He may figure the devil was back and offering a truce!

The smell from the Vanilla Creme is very subtle, yet subtly strong.  The cool thing is that there are “creme” embedded in the tea leaves, which leaves a “blue” hue.  I add a bit of honey to it and it’s just sweet enough in the taste as in the smell.  Try it out…$4.50 for 2 oz, which is comparable to 20 tea bags.  It’s the same price of going to Wholefoods or buying Starbucks branded teabags.

Earl Grey Creme

Earl Grey Creme

~ by myfirstbitefoodreview on April 14, 2009.

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