Is Starbucks Stinky?

I’m here at Starbucks right across from Boston University.  I love this place so much as I enjoy the coffee drinks, aroma, the people that work here and the people that frequent this place.
However, has anyone realized how stinky or strong the smell is once you leave?  I don’t know what to say…but the aroma of coffee on my skin and clothes drives my nutty!

I’m a stockholder (a small one) and I just want to rant a bit to see if anyone has any ideas to drive down the “clingy-ness” of the smell?  Anyone, anyone?
Can they put a vent in some where to vacuum the smell?  Could they fence off the barista that is making my caramel macchiato’s?

I’m sure whatever idea we all come up with, every restaurant may want to use it for at least it’s employees that are cooking the food!

That’s it…just a few thoughts.


~ by myfirstbitefoodreview on April 26, 2009.

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