My First Bite is chronicle of my activities in two of my passions – food & business.

It started as an independent food review blog to help people who are looking for good eats to, find good eats!  Now, my goal is to evolve it to a resource for business travelers to find places to eat that match their style, while I stew over my stories of business practices that I’ve found exciting or alerting.

My dining background…I’ve lived throughout the world and have many palettes.  My parents are restaurant owners and also chef’s. In addition, I also was blessed to have lived in Prague and Germany where I tried so many different European cuisines, plus many visits to various parts of the US and of course my home country of Taiwan also helps with my food tasting.  This leaves me with the craving for the most delicious and complex foods around.  My business experience includes working at IBM and start-ups with roles of marketer, business development, focused on client hardware, mobile telecommunication, non-profit and exotic automobiles.  Now, being in Boston, I’m in business development for an eCommerce consultancy.

Lastly, our disclaimer is that we’re not paid, sponsored or endorsed and of course everything is an opinion.

Lastly, my Dad is actually a personal sushi-chef in Boston and so if anyone needs a personal sushi chef for any event, let me know!
His website is: www.changsansuhi.com
I write this on Father’s Day, so it’s not one of those shameful, self-promotions! 😉

All the best,


Boston, MA

2 Responses to “About”

  1. I love your site. Keep it up !

    • Thanks! Do you have any other suggestions and feedback? I’m in the process of combining it with my “business” raves and rants.
      I just have too many blogs out there…and want to focus on one blog that combines my passions.

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