DUMPLING HOUSE, Boston MA – GO!!!!!!!

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Hi All:

The Dumpling House in the heart of Boston’s Chinatown was fantastic!!!  It’s a Taiwanese restaurant that made feel as I was in Taiwan.  I’m not just talking about the noisiness or how busy it was!  😉   It was the fact that I celebrated my Father’s birthday at the restaurant and together it was a like a feast when he and my Mum grew up in Taiwan.

Check out the reviews below…it looks like we found another awesome restaurant!

Pork Dumplings


Ginger Scallion Lobster


Big Noodles


Chicken Stir Fry


Chinese Vegetables


Stringed Bean Curd


Taiwanese Style Pork Chops with Salted Egg – REALLY GOOD!!!


REPUBLIC NOODLE HOUSE – New York, NY (Swiss French Language Video Food Review) – SOLID!

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Hi Y’All:

My good friends Carole and Steve was on Holiday in New York and Andrea and I had the opportunity to catch up with them.  It’s been about 8 years, I believe since I’ve last Carole, as we used to work at Nestle as Praktikants in Frankurt, Deutschland (Germany).  It was a beautiful day, we had the chance to show them Central Park, Central Park Zoo, FAO Schwartz, Starbucks and of course a a restaurant!!!!  We took this opportunity to visit the Repbulic Noodle House (www.thinknoodles.com) and perform an unexpected Food Review in French Swiss, as they are from Grandson, Switzerland.  Overall, the Repbulic is a great stop for fast and healthy Asian fusion food!  It has enough of a diverse menu to please every taste palette!.

Carole and Steve’s My First Bite Video Food Review in French Swiss

Carole and Steve

Noodle Salad


Pad Thai


Vietnamese Vegetable Noodles


Duck Curry Noodles


Beef Satay


Grilled Chicken Skewers

Grilled Japanese Eggplant


Friends Re-United



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Dear Fans!

Amongst a troubled vacation tour package from Bosotn to Montreal, Canada, both Andrea and I were able to find refuge for all the things that went wrong with an Uber Satisfied Meal at Auberge Du Tresor.  I don’t want to ramble…but those stories of the Fang Wah Bus are true!  We didn’t use Fung Wah, but used Sunshine Travel in Chinatown, in which is fine if you understand the Chinese cultural implications of a tour trip.  Other than that, stay away and use another busing trip.

So why was the meal so good?  For starters, I live anyone that can serve in a different accent.  😉  The restaurant decor was great, the waitstaff was really nice and believe it or not the Tourist Menu was well rounded.  You can do the Meat, which is what I do or you can go for the Seafood, which is what Andrea did.  The price was very moderate and it comes with a FRESH dessert, well the blueberries made it seem very FRESH.

Check out the pictures and the videos!

Dill Salmon Video

Steak with Mushroom Sauce Video

Mustang Grill, New York, NY

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Hi All:

Mustang Grill is a pretty good place to eat.  It really caught me off guard as my expectations for Mexican Food is pretty low for NYC as I lived in North Carolina.  Yes, NC has a lot of Mexican restaurants that is spectacular, especially for the carnitas!  A great dish that I had presonally is the plate below…Pecan Honey Crusted Chicken Breast!


As you can see, the Chicken is so good that  I’m sneaking a bite in, while Andrea is smiling for the picture?  That’s how good it is!

This it the run-of-the mill burger…can’t go wrong if you need a safe bet.

MyFirstBite.com International Correspondent, Steve is saying: I’m so hungry from the long journey it took to get to NYC from New Jersey that you should leave him alone as he takes his FirstBite.

Beryl is very unhappy with the Service…they got her food wrong and it was very noisy!
Don’t expect the best service.  I think the waiter was checking out Steve and not Beryl.

Kazu Japanese Restaurant, South Norwalk CT

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Hi All:

Andrea’s has recommended Kazu in South Norwalk, CT and the website is:  www.kazusono.com.
The menu was really full and spectacular and the service was fine.  I rate this as sound and solid and wished they blew my out of the water with some of there rolls.  I would happily go back, as it’s a safe bet and won’t go wrong if you are there for dining or a business meal.

Bukowski’s Tavern – Cambridge, MA

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i Friends:

Have you noticed that we’ve been doing a lot of review of restaurants around Inman Square?
The reason is that Andrea and I have a monthly Latin Dancing Get-Together with our friends, Robin and Bryan.
We visit Ryles Jazz Clubs right on Hampshire as they have Latin Nights on Friday.  It’s a really cool place to check out.  Beginning are Welcome.

Back on topic…Bukowski’s tavern was recommended by Robin and Brian and it was a hit for Pub Fare!  Even Rachel Ray has frequented the place on one of her TV programs and I have to agree it was delicious!  It’s a tavern, so realize it’s noisy, musky with great food and beer on Tap.

What did we get?  Of course burgers and chicken sandwiches!  I had the Blue Cheese and Andrea had the Chicken Pineapple Sandwich.

Bryan and Robin

Chicken Pineapple Sandwich

Bacon Bluecheese Burger

Koreana – Cambridge, MA – Do not go!

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We go salsa dancing at Riles on Friday nights and drive by Koreana, a Korean restaurant as you can guess by it’s name.  In thinking how good Korean BBQ, Bulgogi and Bimibop usually is, we were really excited to go before Salsa dancing last week.  Unfortunately, this is by far the most OVER-RATED and OVER-PRICED restaurant I have ever been to.  DO NOT GO! We had the seafood pancake which is traditional and you can’t really make it that wrong.  So that was good.  We also ordered o a Chicken Bimibop which had absolutely no taste.  It felt as if it was made in a manufacturing line.  There was no taste to the chicken, the veggies were horrible and the worst part, it was priced at $15.  Plus, the waitstaff was horribly trained.  If the food was good, I can overlook that, but it wasn’t.  And it made the experience so much worse.

I only have pictures of the Seafood Pancake and the Chicken Bimibop as my video function didn’t work well.

Seafood Pancake

Seafood Pancakse - Koreana - Myfirstbite.com

Chicken Bimibop

Koreana - Chicken Bimibop - myfirstbite.com