Mustang Grill, New York, NY

Hi All:

Mustang Grill is a pretty good place to eat.  It really caught me off guard as my expectations for Mexican Food is pretty low for NYC as I lived in North Carolina.  Yes, NC has a lot of Mexican restaurants that is spectacular, especially for the carnitas!  A great dish that I had presonally is the plate below…Pecan Honey Crusted Chicken Breast!


As you can see, the Chicken is so good that  I’m sneaking a bite in, while Andrea is smiling for the picture?  That’s how good it is!

This it the run-of-the mill burger…can’t go wrong if you need a safe bet. International Correspondent, Steve is saying: I’m so hungry from the long journey it took to get to NYC from New Jersey that you should leave him alone as he takes his FirstBite.

Beryl is very unhappy with the Service…they got her food wrong and it was very noisy!
Don’t expect the best service.  I think the waiter was checking out Steve and not Beryl.

~ by myfirstbitefoodreview on September 13, 2008.

2 Responses to “Mustang Grill, New York, NY”

  1. Why oh why are there SO many embarassing photos of me on the internet??? At least I’m enabling others to laugh loudly (at my expense). And yes, this restaurant is noisy!!!

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